Walking Materials

Feel free to download the following resources to help promote your event.

2016 Walk and Roll to School Day Toolkit

SF 2016 Walk and Roll to School Day Poster


Walk and Roll to School Day Flyer (doc)
Make your own flyer using this template in Microsoft Word! Include meet-up locations and routes.

Run of Show Template (docx)
Use this to plan the morning of your event.

Contact your District Supervisor to invite them to walk with you.

Multilingual Materials
Pedestrian Crossing Rules
English | Chinese | Russian | Spanish
Why Risk It?
English | Chinese | Spanish
Safe Pick Up and Drop Off
English | Chinese | Spanish
Walking School Buses (PDF)
English | Chinese | Spanish
More Materials
Pedestrian Sign Activity
Safety Facts
Health Facts
Mapping Activities Pt 1
Mapping Activities Pt 2
Kids at Risk

Walk to School Day Activities

Crossword Puzzle
– For those of you with older students, you may consider giving them some fun homework before Walk to School Day and encourage them to do it with their families. Download this crossword puzzle provided by www.walktoschool.org that you can print and send home. Don’t worry – the answer key is also available!

Walk to School Day Activity – Frequent Walker Punch Cards – Encourage your students to walk to school by distributing these “Frequent Walker/Bicyclist” punch cards. For every day that they walk to school, use a hole puncher to punch a shoeprint. When they have walked ten days, give the student a prize! It doesn’t have to be much – a sticker, recognition, a certificate. Anything to keep them motivated and having fun! Download this template and enter your school or teacher’s name to personalize it. Keep using it all year round to encourage walking and biking to/from school!

Walk to School Day Do It Yourself Crowns – What a fun way to encourage creativity and increase visibility, than to create a paper crown for Walk to School Day?

Download the template and during your next art lesson, talk about the importance of walking to school for your health, the environment, and for fun! Pass them out the day before Walk to School Day and remind your students to wear them with pride!
Directions: Cut along the dotted lines. Color and decorate.
Ideas: add your name, write the name of your school, draw pictures of you and your friends walking to school.

Pedestrian Visibility Sign – Make copies of this simple template, have students color, cut and attach the sign to a popsicle stick and carry with them on their walk to school!