Walk and Roll to School Day

Walk and Roll to School Day is October 5, 2016!
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Walk and Roll to School Day is the kick-off event for our San Francisco Safe Routes to School (SF SRTS) Program. The SF SRTS Partnership provides free giveaways to schools as an incentive to host their own Walk and Roll to School events. This annual event was celebrated at 95 San Francisco schools in 2015. We hope to have even more schools to participate this fall.

Check out these resources to make your Walk and Roll to School Day event a success.


What is Walk to School Day?

  • A global event held in early October that gives children, parents, school staff and community members an opportunity to work together to make their communities safer and more pleasant for walking.
  • A collective walk to school with a purpose – to promote health, safety, physical activity and concern for the environment.
  • Walk to School Day is part of the “Encouragement” piece of the SRTS 5 E’s.

Why should your school participate?

  • Your school drop off/pick up zone is unruly.
  • You’re worried about pedestrian safety near your school.
  • You’d like more physically active and alert students.
  • Children are increasingly overweight. Approximately 25% of San Francisco children are overweight.
  • Walking to school is a good way to exercise regularly and to help prevent obesity, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.
  • Pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of fatal injuries among 5-12 year olds in California.
  • San Francisco has been ranked one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., with transit-rich neighborhoods and homes, schools, shops, and parks all in close proximity to each other.

Walk to School Day is an Encouragement piece of SF SRTS.