Bike & Roll to School Planning Materials and Evaluation Form

Use the resources below to plan, promote, and run a bike and roll event at your school:

Stay tuned for updated material for Bike & Roll to School Day 2017!

1. Organizer Toolkit with Parent Sign-in forms and report/evaluation form

2. Contact your District Supervisor to invite them to bike and roll with you.

3. Parent Interest Sign Up Form (PDF) is now included in the Organizer toolkit. This form is for your own school’s information: to thank volunteers and organize future bike, walk and roll events, as well as for the parent raffle.

4. Report/Evaluation was due by May 2: (To be filed after the event each year) A PDF copy of Report/Evaluation is also in the Toolkit and may be returned by mail or fax. 

Please return the parent sign-in forms after  your event (by email, fax or mail) so we may enter parent participants and volunteers–and your school– into the raffle and they may receive our e-newsletter.   Thanks!

RAFFLE PRIZES from April 2016: 

PARENT’s GRAND PRIZE: Yuba Spicy Curry family bike with electric assist, donated by Vie Bikes and Yuba Bicycles. Parents must sign up at by April 30 or on parent-sign in forms due May 2:  please turn in the forms with Organizer report form by mail, or email to /fax 415 431 2468

School and organizer raffles: $25 Gift certificates for 10 schools and 10 organizers: total $500. (you must submit your report for a chance to win)!