Bike & Roll to School Planning Materials and Evaluation Form

Use the resources below to plan, promote, and run a bike and roll event at your school:

  1. Event Report/Evaluation due by May 5 2017: (To be filed after the event each year) A PDF copy of Report/Evaluation is in the Organizer Toolkit. Mail, email to /fax 415 431 2468.  
  2. Organizer Toolkit and PDF report/evaluation form. Updated material for Bike & Roll to School Day 2017 available with your student prizes  when you sign up your school!
  3. Contact your District Supervisor to invite them to bike and roll with you.
  4. Parent Interest Sign Up Forms:  a PDF is included in the Organizer toolkit in your student giveaways box. Keep a copy of sign-ins to contact (and thank) volunteers and organize future bike, walk and roll events. Return parent sign-ins to give participants a chance to win the family bike EdgeRunner raffle.

Raffle Prizes for 2017 

  • ADULT GRAND PRIZE: EdgeRunner family bike donated by Xtracycle Open to all parents and school staff. Sign up at by May 21 or on parent-sign in forms at your event.
  • Preschool parent prizes: Yepp mini baby seat donated by Vie Bikes, two Kinderfeets balance bike.
  • High school student raffle: sign in students for a chance to win a SF Bicycle Coalition hoodie sweatshirt: one per school. Contact nancy@sfbike with the winner name and sweatshirt size.
  • School and organizer raffles: one $250 Sports Basement gift card, plus five $25 Safeway Gift certificates for 5 schools and 5 organizers. (you must submit your report for a chance to win)!