Meet Judy Chow

Meet Judy Chow

How long have you been biking to school?
I have been biking to school for 10 -12 years.

Why did you start?
A colleague of mine was biking and I thought I give it a try. So I started biking to and from school and that was it. I was hooked and love how energetic I felt.

What’s one fun story from your bike ride to school?
This may not be a “Fun story,” but when I ride I see many Ulloa students walking to school with their parents. Later at school they would say “Ms. Chow I saw you riding your bike!” Then there was the time it was raining, the students would ask, “Are you riding your bike?” I respond, well that’s the only way I can go home. I mention getting a little rain or getting wet isn’t too bad. I dry off when I get home. Many would comment how they ride their bike around where they live. Many students know me as the teacher who rides her bike to school all the time.

How do you see the new bike lane improvement to Sloat Blvd affecting biking in the Sunset?
I am glad that the bike lane has been put in. We have so many cyclists who can now ride on Sloat to Lake Merced and out to Skyline. I can’t wait for the bike lane to Skyline. It definitely makes it safer for the cyclists. Thank you, we truly appreciate it!

Meet Mike Crehan

You may have seen Mike and family biking to school at Grattan.  Safe Routes to School caught up with him recently with these questions about his commute to school and work.

How long have you been biking to school?

The first day of pre-school we took Muni, the second day we rode a bike and have been ever since, about 4 ½ years.
Why did you start?
Time, convenience and fun.

Did you encounter any barriers to walking/biking to school and if so, how did you?
You have to find the right equipment, weather it be a trailer or a longtail or a cargo bike, find what works for you.  We were initially biking one kid and then two, so the bike had to grow with us. Now one of our daughters can ride her own bike, though we do that more on the way home than on the way to school, given we are usually racing in the morning. Also, you have to find the right route on city streets, taking into account traffic, hills etc.  Once you do it’s a breeze!

What’s one fun story from your trip to school? (for you and your child as well)
There are so many.  Around the holidays, my two girls belt out Christmas Carols and everyone hears us as we roll down the road. The smiles and laughs you get from people is a great way to start your day. We also see a lot of people in the neighborhood and get to pull over and talk the way you never could if you were in a car, its much more social.
How does biking to school impact your ability to get to work?
I work in the City. Biking has always been the easiest way to get the kids to school and continue on to work.

What are your next steps promoting active transportation (walking/biking) at your school? Bike to school Week is big at our school and one of the reasons we chose to attend this particular school.  I would like to see it get bigger and bigger!  Also, I’ll talk to anyone, anytime about biking with kids and I often do at length while my daughters pull my sleeves and say “c’mon daddy, let’s go, let’s go”.

What advice would you give to other parents interested in walking/biking to school?

Try it once and will do it again.  It’s such a great way to get to school and to get anywhere around the City with your kids!!

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